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Tradable Bits is a CRM that helps sports and entertainment brands gather data about their fans and use that data to create personalized content and ads. They work with professional and college sports teams like the Portland Trailblazers, Dallas Mavericks, and the Florida Gators, as well as some of the biggest music festivals in North America to help them personalize their marketing for specific audiences.


The Challenge

Tradable Bits isn’t a simple platform. It has a lot of different tools to engage fans and gather data. So much so that it can be difficult to get potential clients to really understand the platform in a 2 minute pitch. “There are so many tools on our platform that it would be impossible to explain,” said Emily Taylor, Director of Marketing at Tradable Bits, “We really needed to get to the crux of why our platform exists.”

They needed a high-level, yet engaging way to convey the importance of their platform without getting bogged down in the details. 

“We had tried blog posts, documents, webpages, and presentations,” said Emily, “but the emotional intent and simplicity of the goal behind our tech was often lost.”

the approach

Our first step was to understand the product for ourselves. We dug into the different operations of the software and even tested the product for an event Agency Media was running. We found that it wasn’t all that complicated once you started using it, which helped us narrow down the incentive of the video: give the audience an experience similar to how the product works in real time.

Our next step was to craft a story. Our usual practice is to storyboard and then film everything we create, but this project was a little different. Because of the budget, we had to work backwards—balancing our creative carefully with the available resources. “[Agency Media] came up with creative cost-effective solutions,” said Emily, “We had really big (budget) dreams and limited budget.”

Given the size of budget and the fact that Tradable Bits partners with clients all around North America, we weren’t able to fly everywhere to get the footage we wanted. However, we managed to leverage Tradable Bits’ close relationships with event partners to gather the footage we needed.

Another key part of explaining this platform, was showing how the software connected to the average user. To do this we used motion graphics and animation to help viewers visualize the interaction between someone’s phone and the Tradable Bits dashboard.

the results

In the end, we were able to produce an explainer video that clearly described Tradable Bits using event footage, animation, and a carefully worded script. As of this writing, the video is the first thing viewers see when they visit the site, ensuring that every lead understands the platform from the very beginning.

“[The] video completely solved the problem,” said Emily, “Now, in less than 2 minutes, people can land on our site or start off a presentation with a simple visualization of where they’re going or what they can achieve with our tech.”

With simple yet effective communication, Tradable Bits can now rest easy knowing that potential customers aren’t going to be missed because they’re confused about the platform. Instead, they’re able to generate more leads with a video that their sales team can use as a first point of contact with potential customers.

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Curious to see what Tradable Bits looks like? Check out our video page to see the full project.

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