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Ledcor’s Biomass Operations department wanted to create a video that would explain and expose their work. We faced a few challenges: filming while following safety procedures and Ledcor protocol, explaining a highly technical process in an easy-to-understand format, and capturing the cinematic shots we wanted without slowing down Ledcor’s production and all its moving parts. Ledcor also wanted to showcase their motto of moving Forward. Together.


Starting With A Biomass Story

We explained the work of the Biomass Operations department by developing the story from start to finish and showing each step of the supply chain. We worked closely with the Ledcor site supervisors to film safely and follow all site protocol. Filming from a helicopter and using drone footage enabled us to capture each part of their process.

In total it was a 3-day production, filming in Merrit and Mission with helicopter access and DJI Inspire 1 drone footage. The video team’s cinematic approach built on some of Ledcor’s previous assets. By using the drone to convey movement, we were able to invoke an emotional response. With the Red camera’s higher frame rates, we were able to capture slow-motion footage to dramatize the story.

Ledcor’s Biomass Operations department now has a video that can explain what they do in a clear and concise way. But they also have a story that’s about more than transforming piles of wood waste into clean energy; it’s about company values, employee pride and genuine love for our beautiful environment.

The tangible results for Ledcor were huge. From this video, they saw more recruitment, new business, brand value, and awareness. With so much success, Ledcor didn’t hesitate to continue our partnership and work on videos for other parts of their company including their Resources and Forestry Division, Marine Services, Fire Stands, Cant Mill, and Technical Services.


The story of a log

After working with Ledcor on the biomass video, we got the chance to use our experience to help Ledcor continue sharing their story. Our first project was showing the story from initial supply to a high-value product. Our goals were to simplify the complex process and showcase the value of Ledcor’s controlled system.

The best way to accomplish this was to go back to our video team. We went out to Cant Mill in Chilliwack, where we got up close and personal with Ledcor’s machines, logs, and employees. While it was a tough environment to work in, our experience prepared us to be flexible and ready for anything, resulting in a video both Agency and Ledcor were proud to be a part of.

Diving Deeper

Our next project was for Ledcor Marine Services—an integrated supply chain service for BC’s forestry and bioenergy industries. Our plan was to show off the history of this service and its growth in just four short years. It was a simple and effective way to show the size and capacity of the Marine Service, and continue showcasing Ledcor’s motto of ForwardTogether.

The Future

The most exciting part of these video projects is that the opportunities have only begun. With this experience under our belt, we can’t wait to dive even deeper into their industries and help them share even more of their story.


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