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HeadCheck is a concussion testing app that helps track and report athletes activities pre and post concussion. The app has made it easy to monitor the baseline performance of an athlete, so in the event of a concussion, it’s easy to compare their symptoms and understand the severity of the situation.

The technology is not only a far more accurate way to monitor symptoms but it’s easy to use. The app goes through the same test as any concussion monitoring, but makes it incredibly accessible and easy to track for multiple athletes at a time.


The Challenge

While the product was there, the creative support was not. Their marketing team needed a team who could execute a video to show how the technology worked and the benefits that could come from it.

They wanted a high quality produced video that their sales team could use on the road as well as a video that could be easily adjusted for their paid campaigns.

The biggest hurdle? Because their target market is principles, school teachers, and coaches who being their year in September, they needed to launch before the fall when coaches could do their initial evaluation. Unfortunately, we only got connected at the beginning of August. They would need a full video, from beginning to end, in less than two weeks.

the approach

Our creative development started with market research provided by the client. Their team had done a lot of legwork beforehand, giving us a solid foundation to build a story off of.

We worked with their team to collaborate and brainstorm an idea that would effectively explain how the technology worked and in a relatable way to their target audience.

We scripted a video quickly, hired actors, and shot over the span of 1 day to make sure there was enough time for post-production. We built out a strict timeline on feedback and revisions with the client in order to make sure the video was ready on time.

the results

The best part of a project is seeing how your team can come together, even in the midst of something like a tough timeline. For a video team, this very restriction is what gives them space to create something both creative and valuable.

“Very happy with how it turned out. Congratulate your team on how they turned around such a great product in a short period of time.” – Andrew Ropchan, Marketing Coordinator at HeadCheck.

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