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Glow Christmas Light Garden & Market is the brainchild of the Jansen family—owners and operators of Langley’s Darvonda Nurseries. This family-run greenhouse was looking for an opportunity to use their property in the offseason and bring a sense of holiday wonder to families in the Lower Mainland. They did this by installing a massive indoor light display and Christmas market in their greenhouse and inviting the entire Lower Mainland and surrounding areas to come and enjoy.


The Challenge

This was a new endeavour for the entire family. They had experience running a business and operating a greenhouse, but this was the first time putting on an event of this scale.

Dallas Hildebrand, in charge of finance and event development for Glow, said, “there were so many moving pieces involved with our event that required experts in so many areas.”

From initial branding work (such as naming conventions and logo creation) to a digital marketing strategy to web development to video and social assets, our team was involved in every aspect of Glow’s marketing plan.


  • Strategy
  • Branding
  • E-commerce
  • Social Media Ads
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media Management
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Content Production
  • Email Promotion
  • Web Development
  • PR Strategy
  • Event Photography

the approach

We started with the basics. We gave the event a name and a brand, both of which focused on drawing in their target demographic.

Our next step was to create a complete digital marketing strategy. Outside of the necessary event marketing aspects like branding, website, social media, and digital advertisements, we included new aspects like an email campaign, PR strategy, event scavenger hunt, video promotion, and influencer marketing.

Social Media Management & Digital Advertising

The tradition of sharing pictures of your friends and family during the holiday season is older than the digital era. Naturally, bringing this old-time tradition into Glow’s social media presence was a critical part of our digital strategy.

We created Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts for Glow and grew them from zero to a combined 15,689 followers in just over three months. We used these social channels to provide updates on event features, entertainment, event coverage, and ran a giveaway or two. Through the entirety of the event, we worked with over 90 local influencers to grow brand awareness.

On top of the organic social media growth, we also used Facebook advertising and Google Search and Display ads to drive online ticket sales. With a modest spend, diligent keyword optimization, and effective copy, we were able to see 84 times return on our ad spend. Given all of our calculations, we conservatively estimate that our ads reached 50% of our buyers.


Creating a video for a brand new event can be tricky. We needed to produce video assets that communicated the emotions and features of the event without any previous assets or before anyone had experienced it.

We did this by focusing on certain light displays and inviting families to come and experience small sections of Glow before the event itself was launched.

Glow was so centered around family—from those who were enjoying it to those making it happen—we also wanted to show a few of the key family members behind Glow. The video below helped build anticipation for the event by giving the event creators a platform to share their excitement about the event.

PR & Email Marketing

A huge part of bringing in foot traffic involved a fine-tuned PR strategy. We reached out to over 30 sources for a combination of pre-launch media and event coverage. Our media list involved a combination of bloggers, local magazines, and Vancouver news outlets.

We had a total of 34 publications write about Glow Christmas over the entire season, excluding our list of influencer partners.

Using email was also key. With a simple (yet clever) email capture, we managed to grow the email list from zero to about 4,000 subscribers by the end of the event. We used our emails to run promotions, generate social media followers, and update people on event features.

the results

– Stats


Social Media +15,689 followers

Website Sessions + 483,547

Video Views + 438,763

By the time the clock turned 2018, Glow was over and we were able to look back and evaluate our involvement in the event. We exceeded our target ticket sales, generated 10,800+ comments on social media posts, 483,547 website visits, and 438,763 videos views all while still having time for a seasonal beer.

Event marketing requires a holistic approach, one agency to look at the entire scope of the event and create a solidified digital strategy to drive ticket sales. If you’re looking to have a team bring more people to your next event we’d love to chat.

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