breaking into the drone industry

Coastal Drone Co. is a drone aviation company that teaches pilots and companies to fly safely. They provide courses for new and old pilots, as well as offer drone services to corporate businesses, marketing teams, photographers, and more.


The Challenge

Being a brand new company, Coastal Drone needed a foundation that Agency Media fit. Their operations manager first needed a website and resources to help create courses. As a follow up, Coastal also needed a marketing strategy to create brand awareness and generate sales.

One of the biggest hurdles was the timeline—both brand awareness and courses were of high importance for the company.

the approach


One of the most foundational parts of getting a company off the ground is giving it a validated presence. We created a website that would be clear, branded, and informative for the Coastal audience.

This included an introduction to the instructor, a full list of services, information about the changing drone laws, and an overview of available courses. This one-page website created a space that validated the brand and built the foundation needed to move forward with a marketing strategy.


What made Coastal Drone so unique as an aviation company was their proactive product. Transport Canada was just starting to rumour changes in drone regulation when Coastal was born. Their instructor began writing courses that both touched on fundamentals of drone piloting and prepared pilots for future regulation changes.

Our video team worked with their instructor to film 3 foundational courses: Drone Fundamentals, Commercial UAS Ground School, and Ground School Refresher and Written Exam Preparation. These courses were filmed in our off-site studio with real students and edited in-house.

This style of video was quite different than we usually do, requiring long shoot days and long editing days to create something engaging and easy to watch for up to 20 hours.

Social Media

To support the new content, we built out a social media presence that would lend validation to the brand as a reputable source. We did this by showcasing footage with partners and writing blog posts about current and relevant drone topics.

the results

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Curious to see what Coastal looks like? Check out our video page to see the full project.

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