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The Canadian Internet Marketing Conference is an annual conference and the biggest digital conference in Western Canada. In 2018, the Westlund Group bought the conference and enlisted Agency Media to both market and build out several aspects of the conference.


The Challenge

CIMC had been branded previously with a brand that, while effective, needed a face and personality to capture the heart of those who lived and breathed the art of marketing. Our goal was to fill 600+ seats in the beautiful Heritage Railway Park in Squamish. This meant working with a coordinator to bring in speakers from all over North America and market the event to the digital marketing industry in Vancouver and the surrounding areas.

While we had access to a lot of resources from previous years, our biggest problem was that we had no access to any previous assets. We needed to market the conference with no photos or videos from previous years.

the approach

With any event, the digital strategy tends to be quite extensive. We started by creating a strong brand that leaned on the rugged roots of Squamish, the mountain town that would be home to CIMC.

The strength of our brand gave us the opportunity to play with branded visuals created by our in-house designers. This was not only imperative in establishing the new brand with a returning audience but it helped us find creative ways to work around our biggest challenge—we had no assets from past years.

Using these new assets we built a new website, heavy with our new brand but still saluting the established value from past CIMC. We then built layers of strategic messages through digital advertisements, newsletters, and social media posts. Not only did we use CIMC’s channels, but partnered with media and business sponsors to send tailored emails to their audiences. We also worked with our high profile speakers to reach out to their social media audiences.

During the 2 days of the conference, our video, photo, and social team supported with live posting and day-of recap videos. These assets were used post-conference and were vital to our team’s prep for CIMC 2019.

Added Highlights

Along with marketing, our design and content team worked with Vinyl Labs to create eye-catching signs for the venue. This helped carry the new CIMC brand into the actual conference.

We also created added assets like pamphlets, schedules, and the Marketing Survival Guidebook for every attendee. The book was a compilation of articles from speakers and high profile marketers from Disney, Vimeo, Hootsuite, Daily Hive, and more. This free value added both to the attendee experience and the brand integrity.

Another addition we were very excited to bring to the table was working with SKY Helicopters to fly our speakers into beautiful Squamish. We were excited to give not just attendees a memorable experience, but our speakers.

the results

Our ads performed

$15K spend from Feb 1st to April 4th.

537 total tickets. $91892.40


Our emails had a consistent open and click-thru rate. We saw small but tangible spikes in tickets with each new email. While these performed well, we did come out just under our ticket sale goal.

As the first year of taking on such a large conference, we were quite happy with how the conference came together.

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