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Brush Naked is a biodegradable bamboo toothbrush company out of Kelowna BC. Their goal is to create earth-friendly products that give people an opportunity to make a difference even in the little things.


The Challenge

When Brush Naked first came to us, all the potential was there—they had a fun and playful brand but the problem was executing it. There social media channels captured more environmental issues than the bubbly brand, while their website focused solely on brand personality. With a disjointed presence between their different online platforms, they needed a solidified brand and more strategic distribution to help grow their brand awareness and generate more sales.

the approach

Social Media

Where do you reach young and busy moms who love to make an (affordable) difference? Social media. We began by establishing a voice and visual guideline to everyone on the team on the right track. We then applied that to our posts—creating a look and sound to the Brush Naked brand that balanced the bubbly personality with a worldview of environmentally-consciousness.

For the beginning months, we scoured for visuals through different sites and influencers. Once we had access to all the products we did both a lifestyle shoot in the city as well as in-house product shoot. These assets were used for both organic social media, website photos, and digital advertisements.


The website was built based on the updated brand, creating a user-friendly and SEO optimized site that would their customers easily navigate the shopping process. The site included e-commerce for both Canadian and American customers, as well as an FAQ resource for wholesale and individual buyers.


In a way to support the Brush Naked campaign, we worked on a fun commercial for Brush Naked that would accomplish multiple marketing targets: brand awareness, product knowledge, and product value.

The video was shot at Pad 92, our off-site studio. Because of the more elaborate set design and scene changes, there was a lot of pre-production effort to make the video happen. We managed to shoot the entire video in one day, using a full team to help with set coordination

the results

From May 2017–Feb 2018 we took a hold of their audience engagement. They increased messages sent and received by almost 350% and 450%. It helped established both their brand and grew brand awareness (and still growing).

Followers Increased 11.4%,

Messages Sent Increased 345.7%,

Messages Received Increased 466.0%,

Impressions Increased 4.1%,

Engagement Decreased 1.1%

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