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Marketing your cannabis business starts with your website. Marketing cannabis products can be a nightmare. Despite cannabis products being legal in Canada, social media platforms and Google do not allow cannabis advertising. There are two options for cannabis businesses to advertise their shop and products: "traditional" ads, such as newspaper ads and flyers, and your website. We have worked with several cannabis dispensaries creating their dream website, and now it’s your turn.

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Why SEO matters for the Cannabis industry

SEO stands for search engine optimization. This means your website has keywords within the website copy that match what people are plunking into search engines. Much like this web page for us, which is written with SEO in mind to find its way to cannabis retailers, your website needs to be optimized to find its way to cannabis enthusiasts and the new to cannabis curious.

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Organic web traffic matters

Your brand voice and online presence are vital to your business’s success. The importance of online content cannot be stressed enough. Content goes beyond the regular blog and social media posts. The content on your website needs to be optimized for SEO, as well as provide any visitors to your website with information and education.

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A quality cannabis website can allow you to:

An attractive, functional website can help seal the deal for prospective clients. To succeed in any business industry, you need to focus on the customer experience and give them an easy-to-follow user experience from start to finish.

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Purchase cannabis products online

While cannabis products for stores can only be purchased through the BC Government’s official cannabis supply chain, your customers can purchase cannabis either through the BC’s Cannabis website or through local, independent retailers.

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Increase store traffic

Because you cannot purchase digital advertising on social media or Google for cannabis-related websites, foot traffic and web traffic are both important.

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We can help get you on track

If you have any questions on how Agency Media can help your cannabusiness seen in your local community, contact us, and we’ll contact you back. We’re already stoked to work with you!