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May 14, 2021

Take a Peek at What We’ve Been Working on Behind the Curtain


A little something we’ve learned in the business: great content doesn’t happen by accident. It also doesn’t find its target audience by itself.

Since Day 1, our team at Agency has been in the game of creating elevated content with effective messaging, and placing that content in front of the best audiences. Our ragtag group of data-driven storytellers, strategists, video connoisseurs, web gurus, and design experts have worked day-by-day doing what they do best: using their chosen medium to speak to an audience. 

Storytelling has been our marmalade toast & tea from the start. (The bread & butter to our brand, the bones of the business…you get the idea). At the end of the day, we know how to talk to an audience; it’s just what we do. 


So What’s New With Agency? 

We’ve been creating elevated video content, lead generated campaigns, websites that tell stories, and worked on mastering the art and science of SEO to connect the right content with the right people. 

Now, we’re jumping headfirst into Social Media to put it altogether.

The Social Team at Agency Media has been working on developing results-oriented social media packages for our clients that utilize the knowledge we’ve gained from all of our departments. Our approach to formulating social strategies for unique brands tackles the media giant from all angles. We emphasize the importance of creating great content, and have the tools necessary to connect that content with the right audiences. 

We know social, we love social, sometimes we even have social lives. We’re pouring all we know about media best practices, content creation, and data-driven marketing tactics into developing strategies that focus on creating organic content that inspires connection and utilizes performance feedback that delivers results. We’re talking real numbers.

If you want ongoing social returns, you need a system that does it all. Our team uses a custom blend from our social media recipe that is adjusted for each brand we work with. 


Our recipe looks something like this: 

  •  Creative direction that represents your brand, and strategic placement that connects your content to the right audience: 
  •  In-depth competitor research that shows up to date information on relevant trends affecting your industry 
  •  Clear reporting and feedback to pivot and make adjustments for better results 
  •  Finally, a heaping spoonful of comprehensive content, copy that converts, and visuals that inspire.

Social media is often the first place your audience encounters your brand, your message, and what you’re putting out into the world.  If you want ongoing returns from your social media, have your content be seen, and create a brand voice to be heard, you need a system that supports these goals. From understanding the big picture, funneling leads from paid media strategy, crafting an effective message, and creating hype around your brand, great social media can make huge shifts in your business.


A little more context? Here’s how we do social

Just the basics: We help your brand to tell your story and create the foundation to grow.  The goal is to be informative about your message, provide depth to your story, and connect with relevant audiences.

For the boutique brands: Whether you’re just starting out or need a boost. The boutique size package is a low budget starting point using all the knowledge and techniques from our more comprehensive packages at a lower price point. 

Growth mindset: Utilize a tactical approach to engage with your audience, grow across multiple digital channels, and bring them to a primary endpoint for conversion. We connect + engage + grow + convert leads.

The Next Level: Your goal is to acquire actionable leads from your social media platforms. The Next Level builds off of the preceding packages to amplify your digital growth by bringing your message to the right people, faster. Our team is here as an extension of yours, we learn the most important facets of your business so we can respond directly to your audience effectively. Most importantly, we keep your audience engaged long after you’ve reached them and foster that connection for sustained long-term growth.

There’s no one size fits all when it comes to conducting an effective social media presence. Each brand is unique in its purpose, messaging, and audience, and that’s why we tailor our approach to suit each of our clients. Ready to grow your brand? Let us know. 


We look forward to telling stories together. 

-The Agency Social Team