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Agency Media


June 16, 2021

Eyes On the Prize


Eyes on The Prize 

In this article we talk about getting your audience’s eyes on the prize. What is this ‘prize’ you ask? Well, that video that you’ve spent the past few months pain painstakingly planning, re-planning and revising. 


Getting Seen on Social: The Process

So, you have created a stunning video that captures attention, tells a story, showcases what your brand’s about, and looks pretty cool. Well, when it comes to digital marketing, that’s only half the battle. The last thing you want after putting all this effort into creating a stunning video is to have no one see it. 

Video is the most compelling medium of storytelling we can use on social media. Positioning this content where you know your audience will see and relate to it, is the key to effectively creating conversions and growing a following with video. 

In a perfect world, the messaging in that video is already tailored for the platform you want to be posting on, the audience you want to be speaking to, and the action you want them to perform. The messaging you use is important, and should keep these questions in mind. 


Know Your Platforms

Not every platform was created equally. Each social platform favors different types of content, appeals to different demographics, and have different parameters for the type of video you can upload. If you have just created the world’s next viral video, but if it’s not formatted to fit Youtube dimensions, unfortunately, it’s really unlikely your video will perform well. 

When you post a video to Youtube organically, unless you have already built a large amount of subscribers, you probably won’t be getting a lot of views initially. Youtube’s algorithm, like other platforms, needs to see post consistency in order to determine the value of your video to platform users. You can also limit your audience if you don’t use the right type of messaging. If your video messaging is directed at local audiences, global viewers may be deterred, or not see it. 

All of the above can also be said for other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and on! So… What do you do? 



The advertising game can be tricky;  there is a price to advertising both in time and money. How much is the right amount to  spend? Where do I advertise? How do I set up my accounts? And how can I be sure the right people are looking at my content? 

Platforms like Youtube and Facebook have their own advertising integrations: Facebook allows you to do it on your platform, where Youtube is linked through Google Ads that allow you to choose who you show your video to. You are able to choose where they are located geographically, what age range they are and even what interests they take online. With this ability you are able to funnel the right eyes toward your recently posted video and with the right call to action you can increase interactions with your business. 

The above applies to video that your company has put production hours into, but with Social media there are a number of benefits to working with quick video options or even live video that we will speak to. 


So… Why Bother? 

  • With video, your audience gets to learn more about the culture, personality, look and feel of your brand, more than any other method of communication. 
  • You can showcase your products, how they work, and get more interactive with your audience than with images or generic advertising
  • You capture user attention for longer, and get more exposure to your brand. Users need to stop scrolling and pause to watch a video, they invest with their time and attention, and learn a bit more about your brand. 

Creating compelling content is difficult. Getting it seen by the right people is a whole different challenge. But if you get it right, good video content can connect you to the demographic you’re looking for.