Written by:

Adam Besse


May 14, 2021

Agency Media – Who are We?

It’s challenging to try and write a compelling blog article that talks about who we are, without sounding like every other marketing company. I know this because we have tried multiple times, and to our own failure, we sound like every other marketing company.

For a long time we said – “We are a team of creatives”, then we said we were a “Full service agency that specializes in video”, then we said we want to “Share your compelling story”, then we said “We take a data driven approach and make specific content for your sales system”, then we said we weren’t a full service agency, then we said we need to be specialists or else people won’t want to work with generalists, and on and on, to the point that we became paralyzed at reproducing our own message that we just decided to focus on one customer at a time, and speak to them direct.

This can be completely effective (more on this later) or very risky. 


So what is Agency Media besides two super common words formed together to make the name of our company? How did the Agency start?

Agency Media was born mid 2013 and was the company that Andrew Westlund started with a belief that small and medium size businesses had a compelling story and a voice that needed to be shared. Andrew himself, being a lifelong entrepreneur, multiple business owner and someone who built his flagship company Apex Wireless off the backbone of selling their own compelling story, knew there was a gap in how the smaller business went to market.

This is why Agency Media was born. Utilize video to shape and tell your story as an entrepreneur, or business, and house it on a website that performs.

Based in Langley British Columbia, Canada, Agency Media’s headquarters is within the walls of the beautiful Westlund Building that is home to The Westlund Group of Companies. Of course, Agency Media is the group’s de facto marketing company. This has been tremendous for us because it’s allowed us to take our core services and expand them, develop them, and ultimately create them with our customers in mind. 


So what are the services we offer? Fantastic question, and ultimately the main reason you are probably reading this article. Agency Media offers – Video Production, Website Design and Development, Web Hosting,  SEO Services and Digital Campaign Management. 

It’s hard to not sound like every other marketing company out there, because no matter what we do, we are going to. We have to say that your story matters, because it does. We need to say that your businesses goals and objectives are the thing that matters most to us, because they do. We need to say that we want to give you a cost effective approach to marketing and show you results, because that’s what we do.

We do it because we believe that every business can and should increase their online presence. We believe that video can be one of the most effective tools in your marketing mix. And we believe that you shouldn’t have to spend all of your marketing dollars on a new website. 

Our company has been built off the backbone of tried and true systems that have become building blocks for businesses within The Westlund Group of Companies. When we talk to our clients, we aren’t trying to sell them fluff, we know that we need to position ourselves as a company that can truly affect their businesses ROI. We need to produce results that matter, or else we lose the relationship. We need to make videos that are so awesome that our clients can’t wait to share them with anybody and everybody.