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Before I get too deep here,  note that there is still value in traditional radio advertising. Especially if your business\industry is in a traditional niche, and some radio stations I’ve worked with in the past have provided exceptional value. (I feel the need to clarify that before I continue with a blog post about a disruption to the industry).

First, let’s talk about podcasts

As mentioned in a Convince and Convert article, podcasts are being listened to like never before.  People are listening to podcasts while they commute to their jobs while walking their dogs and even while at the dentist’s office.  I firmly believe that on-demand digital audio will continue to grow, just as TV and Movies have. Podcasting in its entirety will be to radio what Netflix was to Blockbuster.
2018 monthly podcast listens
Every month more and more people are listening to podcasts.  Areas of audible content range from business and entrepreneurship to faith-based children’s stories and cooking to feminism. There is literally a show that has gained popularity in every subject you can think of.
Celebrities are jumping on the bandwagon too and creating their own shows. For years we’ve seen comedians like Joe Rogan build up huge podcast shows.
If you are an Oakland Raiders fan (like I am), you can find an amazing show on that as well called the Snake Pit, and if you love the city you live in you can probably find a podcast specifically about what is happening in your city.
I need not go on here, podcasts are the future of audio consumption.
Youtube Music was launched in the summer of 2018 and it literally is a platform that sources audio content from the standard Youtube platform so that people can listen to their favourite artists music.
youtube music 2018

Spotify has been dominating as a music source for people of all ages for a couple of years now.

Millions of people are listening to their favourite artist’s music on their mobile devices while commuting or while working at the office.
spotify statistics 2016
Source: Cleverroad.com
The data continues to trend upward. People are consuming audiobooks, recipes, websites, and other information and as these platforms continue to raise in listenership, so do the advertising opportunities. These platforms enable you to target radio-quality digital audio advertisements and potential consumers like never before. You can target by location, age and even the subject matter being listened to.

With that being said, we’ve launched a new Digital Audio Advertising arm of Agency.Media called “Otter Lake Audio“.

We are currently partnering with brands to develop strategic audio commercials and distribution. If you are interested in seeing, and hearing, how your brand can reach thousands of people in your target market contact us today.
otter lake audio