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Quality Video content is the place to be when it comes to both social media and as a valuable part of your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. We know that when you upload a video natively (directly) to social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn you will get a lot more reach than simply posting a picture or long-form text article.  We can’t forget to mention that YouTube is now the second most used search engine, and videos integrated between youtube and your website can do wonders for your website’s ranking!

So, when a company takes a minimal amount of time to create an effective piece of video content — it needs to be shared, and it needs to be talked about.  Apex Wireless president Joel Macdonald and Director of Sales Chad Bennett recently worked with us on this video that is now circulating on their social media networks. It pokes fun at how salespeople tend to talk, but also provides some valuable information. The video triggers an emotional response, but while people are watching it they are also finding out about some of Apex Wireless’s fundamental service offerings AND their value proposition.

Not to mention, this piece of content has become a valuable part of their sales team’s follow-up system. Imagine for a minute, a salesperson, e-mailing a link to this video to one of their prospects.

That’s a moment that will not be forgotten and will most likely trigger some conversation.

The general idea here is that high-quality video can set you apart, but strategically reacting to what your customers are telling you (or what you believe they may be seeing) is a great way to get their attention

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