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We’ve spent the last month telling you our thoughts on making your digital presence count, being authentic online, and how to balance the instant demand of social media. But now let’s talk Agency Media social: what app notifications are popping up on our home screens, and what feeds are we just-checking-one-last-time before we fall asleep at night?

Adam + Beme


Beme is a stripped-down version of Snapchat that aims at getting people to be more authentic in their social sharing. Using the iPhone’s proximity sensor to record, you can’t view your clips before they post, they just post automatically. It only records for 4 seconds, and each will be a stand alone clip, unless you’re in the same location. Then it will string your 4-second posts together. Instead of liking or commenting on other people’s bemes you simply tap the screen and they snap a reaction shot of you. It’s taken a little to get used to, but I’m now starting to enjoy it. The app is so stripped down for features that you need to get really creative at your posts and work within the box. The risk is that there are a lot of boring bemes to wade through at the moment.

Eric + Instagram/Snapchat


One of my favourite people I follow on Snapchat and Instagram is@brendanfallis. Last week he snapped that he landed in Vancouver to DJ a Christian Dior party at Hotel Vancouver. I commented on his Instagram photo that he should experience Vancouver from the sky via helicopter. I was caught off guard when he sent a message back immediately asking if I was serious. I replied: “Yes, what time works for you?” Fortunately for us, Sky Helicoptershappens to be our sister company and I was able to arrange a flight downtown. At the time, I was in West Vancouver on set. I had to leave the production, jump on a bus and run down to the helipad. It was quite the experience meeting someone I admire and getting to arrange an experience he enjoyed—all from engaging on Snapchat and Instagram. I also got into the Dior party.

Cody + Snapchat


It’s so in the moment; you can’t post yesterday’s photo. There’s no emphasis on editing, making it perfect and making it last forever. It’s just sharing your day.

Katy + Twitter


For me it’s Twitter. I love a good Insta-feed, but Twitter is just conducive to a different kind of conversation. It’s where I can go to read up on the latest news and industry happenings, and where I can follow conversations with people with similar interests. Also apparently it’s where all my people hang out. I’m also fascinated to see the effect that Periscope and other live-streaming apps have on breaking news and in-the-moment journalism.
Now it’s your turn: what are your favourite social networks? Are you always looking for the next new thing or are you a diehard Facebook fan (maybe it’s where all your people are at)? Let us know in the comments and share your handle so we can follow along.