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A-Team, Assemble

The best of the best in all departments, working together.

We’re kind of a big deal

What’s In A Name

Part digital agency, part media production company, Agency Media brings two halves of the industry together to form a one-stop shop for all our clients.

In 2013, Agency Media started out as a video production agency that wanted to make great videos for businesses. We quickly realized that video gets the best ROI when it’s paired with a holistic digital marketing strategy.

Since then, we’ve grown into a diverse collection of people and skills, yet all with one thing in common: a commitment to giving brands real opportunity in the digital space through quality and scalable content.

Websites that work

It’s All About Good (Awesome) People.

We are video producers, inspiring creatives, technical savvy experts, learners, educators, and moral compass believers. Our ethics and strong values are the backbone of the company.We value hard work and the rewards that come from it.

Meet the team.

The boss

CEO Andrew Westlund

Our CEO and founder Andrew Westlund is an innovative entrepreneur who values all of his employee’s input. He is a firm believer that digital marketing has been a driver in the success of his businesses