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The digital marketing world is volatile and subject to constant change. Any company that will survive in 2023 in this marketing wilderness will have to change its digital marketing strategy to adapt to this savage environment and beat the competition.

There are 3 simple ways that you can improve your digital marketing strategy in 2023 and outlive those who won’t change.

1- Web Personalization

Web personalization is the core of marketing today. Statista predicts that the global revenue of customer experience personalization software will jump to over 9 billion dollars in 2023.

Personalization involves the use of data insights to customize your user experience. It is the most effective way of humanizing a website and will help you target your customers with the right content in their specific buying journey.

 A survey done on online shoppers showed that 60% of them would not be loyal to a brand that did not deliver personalized content to them. It’s clear that web personalization creates a more satisfying customer experience and is a key factor in building brand loyalty.

There are other ways that web personalization can improve your digital marketing strategy in 2023:

  • Better positioning of your brand 
  •  Better lead nurturing and conversion
  • Better insights into customer behavior
  • Personalized calls to action that are effective 
  • Better onboarding experience for your customers 

Better Lead Nurturing and Conversion

Identifying your buyer persona is just the beginning of your marketing journey. Turning the buyer persona into your customer, building a relationship with them, and keeping them coming back is where the work is.

Web personalization will increase customer engagement and help you better understand their interests. This will keep your customers and ultimately increase sales.

Better Onboarding Experience for Your Customers

Your customers will benefit from web personalization by

  •  Receiving relevant content
  • Enjoying a customized experience on your website
  • Finding products and services that they want easily

Better Positioning of Your Brand 

 Amazon is a good example of the power of web personalization in building your brand.

Research by NPR shows that 92% of online shoppers in America have bought something on Amazon, making it an E-commerce giant. Not only that, but it has now become a shopper’s search engine.

The poll notes that 44% of online shoppers first check Amazon for products they want before going anywhere else because of their customized recommendations.

Amazon has also used web personalization to earn its customer’s trust. 67% of American shoppers online say they trust Amazon with their personal data.

Better Insights into Customer Behaviour

Effective customer analysis leads to better conversions and sales. You will understand your customers’ buying behaviors better and customize their experiences on your website, therefore, influencing their decisions through the insights you get.

You can collect data from your customers through quantitative and qualitative research

Using surveys or focus groups will tell you exactly what your customers think of your brand and what they want from you.

Personalized Calls to Actions That are Effective

According to HubSpot, personalized calls to action (CTAs) have a 202% chance of converting than generalized CTAs. This is because personalized CTAs customize content to individual buyer journeys, making it relevant to a customer.

Personalized CTAs also ensure that you do not neglect your customers at any stage of their buying journey.

2- SEO In Content and Blog Strategy with Keyword Research

Using SEO in your content and blog strategy should be a must if you want to improve your digital marketing strategy in 2023. You should also factor in keyword research, which is the foundation of SEO.

Google has a system that identifies content by expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness known as E-A-T.

To beat the Google E-A-T algorithm, you must appear as a subject-matter expert to Google. Only then will SEO work for you. What matters most to Google is the user experience, and it has invested more in ensuring only high-quality content gets noticed.

Google recently introduced the helpful content update that was launched in August 2022. The update takes a human-first approach and aims at prioritizing content that effectively answers a search query for its users.

It’s also best to note that keyword stuffing no longer works as an SEO strategy and will get you flagged by Google. 

With SEO as the wheel that the success of your content and blog strategy rides. It is important to use it well. You can do that by learning how to create a successful content and blog strategy using Keyword research.

What is Keyword Research?

Keyword research is looking at what people are searching for on the internet. It’s important to do it properly because it determines whether your SEO strategy will work. If you do your Keyword research wrong, your SEO efforts will go to waste.

How Do You Do Keyword Research?

  1. Identify your primary purpose or goal. What information do you want to share with your customers? Identify a topic that will be of benefit to your customers and that you are an expert in.
  2. Search for Keywords. Type your topic in a keyword research tool. Ahrefs Keyword Generator and Ubersuggest are good keyword research tools that are free to use. The keyword research tool will generate the keywords people are searching for around that topic.
  3.  Generate long-tail keywords. Search each keyword generated from your topic to get more specific terms that people are searching for around that keyword. These are called long-tail keywords and they perform better than exact keywords.

You can also get long-tail keywords by using the “People also ask” and “Related searches” sections on Google

  1.  Choose the right keywords to use. The right keywords for you may not be the ones with the highest search volumes. The competition for such keywords is high, making it more difficult to rank for. Go for keywords with low search volumes. These are easier to rank high for since the competition is low.

To make the most out of your newfound keywords, you need to go beyond adding them to your paragraphs, meta descriptions, headings, and titles. Create quality content that provides answers to the keywords (search queries). Remember, for Google—content is still King.

3- Video Marketing

The video boom that came with the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic affected how marketing was done. Companies now had to include video in their digital marketing strategies to keep up with the competition.

According to HubSpot research, 31% of companies produce at least 4 videos each month. And 59% of these companies have produced a video that went viral!

What other reason do you need to add video marketing as one of the ways to improve your digital marketing strategy in 2023?

The below table summarizes the advantages of using video marketing for your company’s digital marketing strategy according to marketers.

Video Marketing PerformanceMarketers Opinion Data
Easy to create video content44%
Effectively meet business marketing goals59%
Has a high return on investment (ROI) when marketing products and services.68%
High sharing rate in social media67%
Increased customer engagement64%

Data source: HubSpot

Do You Need a Digital Marketing Agency?

Finally, most marketers recommend working with an agency to build and achieve their digital marketing strategies. In fact, when it comes to video marketing, 68% of them say that marketing videos created by an agency look professional, are of better quality, and lead to higher conversions.

 Your digital marketing strategy might need a metamorphosis to work in 2023. Talk to us today and we will walk the journey with you.