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A Biomass Story

Ledcor’s Biomass Operations department wanted to create a video that would explain and expose their work. We faced a few challenges: filming while following safety procedures and Ledcor protocol, explaining a highly technical process in an easy-to-understand format, and capturing the cinematic shots we wanted without slowing down Ledcor’s production and all its moving parts. Ledcor also wanted to showcase their motto of moving Forward. Together.

The Plan

We explained the work of the Biomass Operations department by developing the story from start to finish, and showing each step of the supply chain. We worked closely with Andrew Hansen, Manager of Biomass Operations and the Ledcor site supervisors to film safely and follow all site protocol. Filming from a helicopter and using drone footage enabled us to capture each part of their process.

The Process

In a 3-day production, our team captured the Ledcor procedures without slowing down production. Day 1 was full of planning, strategy and prep. On day 2 our team flew with SKY Helicopters up to the Ledcor site in Merritt where they spent 12 hours filming. Day 3 was shot at Ledcor’s site in Mission, BC using the DJI Inspire 1 drone.

The video team’s cinematic approach built on some of Ledcor’s previous assets. By using the drone to convey movement, we were able to invoke an emotional response. This forward movement coincides with Ledcor’s aim of moving forward, together. With the Red camera’s higher frame rates, we were able to capture slow motion footage to dramatize the story.

The Prize

Ledcor’s Biomass Operations department now has a video that can explain what they do in a clear and concise way. But they also have a story that’s about more than transforming piles of wood waste into clean energy; it’s about company values, employee pride and genuine love for our beautiful environment.

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